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Water Wasters

After welcoming rain into the area the last few weeks, the thought of wasting water is still an unwelcome one.  

Since the rain has died down this last week, we have received several water waster photos this week.

It all starts by sending  a simple email with a photo to waterwasters@newschannel10.com  

Every week we go through them, picking a few each Wednesday. But this week, one email in particular caught our attention. The person who sent it asked to stay anonymous but mentioned an apparent leak in a water line  at the Tiffany Square Apartments,  leaving puddles outside of some town homes. A concern she says has been an issue for quite some time.  

"It's been leaking for probably about 2 months now. When you walk by it kind of has a smelly odder to it," she told us.  

But it's not just the leaky water that has her worried. 

"My biggest concern is West Nile with the stagnant water and the bugs hovering. I have other family members that live there and they have small children. So with mosquitoes and West Nile and of course some of the other residents, it's right outside of their doors and they can't get to the walk way," she said. 

When we reached out to the complex, they told us the issue would be looked at.  

Our next call was to the Toot N' Totum near I-40 and Grand, after receiving a photo of a broken sprinkler head. After our phone call was made, the company called us back saying it had been taken care of.  

But Toot N' Totum wasn't the only place in town where you can buy gas with a broken sprinkler head.  

At Murphy's Gas Station, over on the Canyon E-way, several photos show at least three broken heads.

When we called to point it out, the woman we spoke with said it would be noted and passed on to be fixed.  

It's a similar situation at the Amberwood Park rental home community; a broken head watering more of the street than the grass. An issues the complex was unaware of until we called.  Thankful to know of the issue, they said it would be fixed as soon as possible.  

As always, thank you for sending us your photos. If you see water wasting around town let us know. Send your photos to waterwasters@newschannel10.com

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