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E. coli found in Ryan's water supply

RYAN, Okla._A warning has been issued for the citizens of Ryan, Oklahoma after tests of the water supply came back positive for E. coli.

Residents were notified Thursday from flyers posted around town that suggests that they boil their water before drinking, brushing their teeth, and cooking with it. The city's new water supervisor, who was just hired Monday, a few weeks after the previous supervisor retired, now has to catch-up on treating the water.

The water supervisor said he will be working throughout the weekend to find out what went wrong. In the meantime, residents will have to go through a tedious process every time before they can use the water.

"It's safe to shower in and wash your clothes. Before they consume it or cook with it, it needs to come to a full boil, or rolling boil, for at least one minute," said Water Supervisor Andrew Brame.

Earlier this week, the Department of Environmental Quality sent a letter to Ryan's city officials, stating the water may be unsafe for human consumption because it tested positive for E. coli, a bacteria that can cause stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting if ingested.

Brame was not able to give a time frame on how soon it could be fixed, but, according to the sample, it is not too severe. And they're still investigating as to how this has happened.

"There's no telling. It's probably happened over a period of time," said Brame.

But the city's previous supervisor, Dale Yoder, who just left three weeks ago, believes between the time of him leaving and a new manager coming in, the solution used to clean the water was not being poured in.

"They've let the chlorine go down, probably, a week or longer," said Yoder.

But, Yoder also wanted to stress that it's not an immediate health hazard. In the meantime, Brame will continue to work throughout the weekend and is reassuring residents not to worry.

The results from the second water test also came back positive for E. coli. Brame says it may take about thirty days to completely treat the water.


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