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Recent rains help landscaping businesses grow

LAWTON, Okla._The recent rain has been keeping the grass growing and the landscaping business booming.

Typically during an Oklahoma summer, the grass is dry and dead and landscaping businesses see a decline in calls. Ongoing water restrictions make it even harder to keep it alive, but landscapers are saying nature has been good to their business this year.

Earlier this year, this harsh winter was tough on landscaping businesses. It wasn't until April that it started to pick back up and business has stayed the same since then.

Joe Elkouri, owner of 4D Lawn and Landscape, said he and his workers are enjoying the rain because it's helping to keep the plants healthy.

"Shrubs grow a lot faster when it's 85 and 90 than they do when it's 100. Grass continues to grow because we've had the moisture to keep it growing," explained Elkouri.

The rain has been just enough for the foliage to soak up in order to keep things growing. Elkouri says it would be much better if we could get even more.

"It's just enough to grow. We're not get any excess to recoup what we've been missing the last two or three years," he said.

He explains that even with the drought, the summer weather is still behind schedule.

"A typical summer, the last two weeks would've started six or eight weeks ago," said Elkouri.

One of the main things that has affected the business before is their residential customers, who, after the weather reaches about 95, stop thinking about cutting their grass. Commercial customers, on the other hand, have always helped to keep them in business. Elkouri says he's content with the way business has been although they haven't seen a spike in profit, but more of a plateau.

Elkouri says they're receiving about 10-20 calls per day and are booked for the next three to four weeks.


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