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The City of Amarillo has approved some proposed improvements

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo residents will soon be seeing improvements in some local parks among other public areas and neighborhoods.

The city council met Tuesday to discuss the annual action plan that breaks down the 2014- 2015 federal funding that will benefit low and moderate income residents and neighborhoods.

The community development administrator says every year the federal funds have decreased but the need has been keeping the city council on their toes and more efficient on how they use the funds.

"It's a list, a large list of things but it's very vital to our community for those in need that these funds continue coming from the federal government and that we make the best use of them during the year in order to assist as many people as possible," says James Allen, Community Development Administrator.

Some of the items approved on that list include window replacement for the Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle and the Mavericks Boys and Girls club.

"What these things are designed to do is make both of those buildings more energy efficient and safer so by lowering operating cost they can then divert those funds into actually providing services, so that's just another way that we collaborate with other agencies to provide needs for this case, young people." says Allen

The federal funding will also go towards the Mavericks after school and summer program.

And the city plans on adding a splash pad at Glenwood park by next summer.

$1.5 million will go towards community development and half a million will go towards home improvements.

 "We have a variety of needs in different agencies that have a nitch and they will address those needs as best they can and we're just a partner with them, they're the ones that are delivering the services on the ground but we are the funding partner," says Allen.

The federal funding will be available October 1, 2014.
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