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Police investigate string of armed robberies

LAWTON, Okla._A group of armed robbers may be randomly targeting victims across the city of Lawton.

Two crimes, an armed robbery and a shooting, were reported within a few minutes of each other early Friday morning. Both victims described the suspect’s vehicle as a blue, four-door sedan. Police said victims in seven other similar crimes from last week also reported their attackers having a similar car. Police have now released a series of pictures taken from security cameras in hopes of tracking down the robbers.

In addition to the description of the suspect's car, several of the victims said the robber was wearing a bandana on their face. They also reported seeing either two or three people in the car. But with locations all over the city, police want as many eyes as possible looking out for the robbers.

The string of armed robberies include a Stripes at the intersection of 52nd Street and Gore Boulevard, Scooters on west Lee, the Apache Casino, Chung’s Korean Restaurant and Bar, and a few other businesses and neighborhoods.

After reviewing surveillance footage, the Lawton Police Department noticed a blue, four-door vehicle and all the robbers wore red bandanas, leaving them to believe that all of the robberies are connected.

In surveillance footage from July 9, a man is seen driving up to Stripes at the intersection of 52nd Street and Gore Boulevard and walks in aggressively, demanding cash

Each time, a victim has reported seeing at least two or three people in the car.

On July 1 at the Fort Sill Apache Casino, a victim was approached by a male demanding drugs or money, once she told him she didn't have anything, he drove off.

However, that wasn't the case for the robbery Thursday night at Chung's, one victim reported being forced, at gunpoint by a female, to hand over her purse.

No one was hurt during that incident. But shortly after, a woman reported being followed down Gore Boulevard by a blue, four-door car.

She quickly turned into a neighborhood to allow this car to pass her. While the vehicle passed, a man shot at her from the back seat passenger window, the bullet going through her neck.

Luckily, that woman did not suffer from any life threatening injuries. As of now, no arrests have been made.

If you have any information on the robberies, contact Crime Stoppers at 580-355-4636 or call the police department at 580-581-3240.

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