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Protesters demonstrate at Lawton overpass

LAWTON, Okla_ Drivers on I-44 saw a couple dozen protestors at the Rogers Lane overpass Saturday afternoon. Overpasses

for America was out protesting America's immigration policies and the housing of unaccompanied children at Fort Sill and other facilities across the country.

Saturday's protest was day two of a two-day event that coordinated with 350 other protests across the nation.

Some came with American flags, others with signs, but the protestors all came with the same message.

"Send them back. Use the system that we already have the laws for," Dovie Punneo said.

"Somebody let them come over here to begin with in herds, it wasn't just a few at a time. I think it is there problem to get them on a bus and take them back home, and them build their own country up," Carol Eaglin said.

Punneo was one of the protestors and had a strong stance that America needs to focus on helping its own first.

"Yes I have sympathy for children everybody does, every woman in this country does, but we have daughters and sons. We have granddaughters and grandsons. I want this country to follow the laws," Punneo said.

Eaglin agrees and is worried about what the future of the illegal immigrants in America could hold for its citizens.

"You can't get a job unless you speak Spanish. You cannot get a job unless you speak bilingual," Eaglin said.

With cars whipping by on Rogers lane, and just feet above busy I-44.

Punneo says it was still worth the danger to stand so close to traffic for the demonstration.

"If our military can go to war to protect us, and they're facing bullets, I think I can face a car," Punneo said.

The protest was one of four in the State of Oklahoma. Some of the protestors even drove from Ada, Oklahoma.

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