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High school principal honored at baseball game

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LAWTON, Okla._An assistant principal at MacArthur High School was honored at a Redhawks baseball game last week in Oklahoma City.

Fred Roloff trotted from third to home in celebration of his recovery from a tragic accident. Last year, he fell into a controlled brush fire on his property and was severely burned. He lost a hand and nearly lost a leg. Roloff spent more than a month in the hospital and rehab, but now he's well on his way back.

Fred Roloff's trip to home plate at the Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City last Friday night symbolized his remarkable recovery. Back in November, Roloff suffered second, third, and fourth degree burns when he fell into a fire.

"I wasn't sure which way I had fallen in. I don't really remember a whole lot of it. I remember laying there, thinking, if I don't get out of here now, I'm not going to get out of here," recalled Roloff.

Roloff suffered severe burns on his right leg, back, and both arms. Doctors tried saving his left arm, but were unable to and had to amputate it.

"I was in 46 days. I was in ICU for 26 days and then in rehab for the remainder," said Roloff.

Roloff even suffered serious pains from bed sores after lying in the same spot from being in ICU for so long. He also walks with a cane in order for him to have stability while his leg heals. Now that he's back at work, Roloff said it's been pretty difficult for him to get back into the swing of things and complete simple tasks.

When he was asked by his doctors if he wanted to participate in their "Home Run for Life" event, he accepted the offer, but made some changes.

"I actually walked. They called it a run, but I walked from third base to home base. I didn't think I could do all the bases. I didn't think everybody wanted to be there ‘til midnight waiting on me," said Roloff.

Roloff is just thankful to still be alive and has a lot to look forward to. As for maintaining his 110-acre yard, he said he'll still be working on it.

"Oh yeah, I'll still do it, just be a lot more careful. And I won’t go out there by myself," said Roloff.

Roloff said he has been fitted for a prosthetic arm, but getting it and then learning to use it will take several more months.


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