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Dutton ordered to stand trial for second-degree murder

LAWTON, Okla._The girlfriend of a man who was shot outside of a Lawton bar testified against the accused murderer during his preliminary hearing.

She told the court that Bryan Dutton intervened in an argument she was having with her boyfriend, Sam Ruffin, and then shot him three times before going to his truck and waiting for police.

Corletta Tahhawah, the girlfriend, said the two were arguing outside because she wanted to leave the bar but wanted Sam to stay. Sam didn't want that to happen. She said it never got worse outside than the two arguing back and forth. Then out of nowhere, Dutton yelled at them saying "Stop abusing that woman."

Tahhawah said Dutton was sitting in his truck in the bar’s parking lot watching the argument. After he yelled at them, she told him she wasn't being abused and Sam also yelled that he needed to mind his own business. Tahhawah said Dutton then got out of his truck and immediately pointed a gun at Sam.

Tahhawah ran to Dutton saying that wasn't needed and pushed his arms up to point the gun away. She said Sam was a protector and approached Dutton. That is when Tahhawah said Dutton fired three shots at Sam and then dropped the gun.

Tahhawah called 911 and said Dutton just walked over to his truck, put his hands on the truck and said I'm waiting for them to get me. Tahhawah then rushed to Sam and said he was aspirating and she knew what that meant so she kissed him and hugged him for the last time.

The state then tried to ask Tahhawah about a prior time they had seen Dutton at that same bar, trying to get toward a motive, but an objection by the defense was sustained and it was not allowed. The defense cross-examined seeing if she or Sam were ever aggressive toward Dutton, and referred to her pushing his arms up to which she replied, "I was never aggressive."

The state had three more witnesses to call but they were not needed. The judge ruled after Tahhawah's testimony there was enough evidence for Dutton to go to trial. His formal arraignment must be set within the next ten days and he will remain in jail on $100,000 bond.


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