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Marlow native headlines free concert

MARLOW, Okla._Marlow's Summer Concert Series continues Thursday night with the second of three shows on the schedule.

It starts at 6:00 p.m. at the stage downtown on Main Street. The Chance Anderson Band is headlining the show. Anderson was actually born and raised in Marlow as well.

"We get to play for all these people we've grown up around and it's going to be really cool to see everybody, and I hope to see a lot of friends that I went to school with," said Anderson.

Anderson grew up in Marlow and got his love for music from his grandmother who played piano at a Marlow church.

"She'd be practicing her piano until late into Saturday night and we'd sit on her bench with her and sing along or plunk on the piano with her or whatever, and I think that is where it all started," said Anderson.

He still lives in Marlow with his wife and 4-year-old son Jack, but the music scene keeps him on the road and away from home.

"Music festivals in Mexico, we've been on the east coast and New York City and Boston, Utah, and Colorado. We've been to so many places that we never thought we'd go," said Anderson.

While the Thursday concert also gives Chance the chance to perform for old friends, it's for his family too.

"I'm always gone and [with] Jack being four, it'll be cool to have him come out and see what I do, because he doesn't get a lot of opportunities to come see us," said Anderson.

He said when the band got the call from the city to perform his first thought was how awesome it was the city does things like this for the residents and what an honor it was to play a part.

"What is cool about Marlow is no matter what I was doing, whether it was sports, or music, or just school, or family, whatever it was everybody around here supports you know matter what you're doing," said Anderson.

His latest single "Windows Down" is in the top 30 in the Texas Country Music Charts. While they have performed internationally, Anderson says Marlow will still be the place for him.

"I love the people around here, my family is here, my friends are here and Jack will go to the same school that I went to here. It's awesome back here at home and I wouldn't have it any other way," said Anderson.

The concert is free. City officials encourage all the fans to bring their own lawn chairs to the show.


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