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Duncan officer learns advanced OSBI techniques

DUNCAN, Okla._The Duncan Police Department is now home to some of Oklahoma's most state-of-the-art crime fighting techniques, thanks to some prestigious training for one local investigator.

Duncan Lieutenant Joe Shoemake is one of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's newest graduates of the Advanced Investigative Academy, a program traditionally designed for OSBI agents to learn from some of the top forensic experts in the country. Shoemake was only one of six law enforcement officers hand-selected in Oklahoma to learn alongside statewide agents. It's only the fourteenth time the program has been offered since 1925, and now Shoemake returns to Duncan in hopes of making an impact on the job.

When the Duncan Police Department got the call from the OSBI saying one of the forty spots of its rare agent's academy was theirs, they jumped at the chance to send someone who wouldn't just use the training, but who'd spread that one-of-a-kind knowledge to others in the department as well.

That person was Lieutenant Joe Shoemake who now possesses some of the most critical weapons to fight crime.

"I think any tool that we get that makes it to where we can do our job better or makes it easier, it's a good thing to bring to the department," said Lt. Shoemake.

For the past six weeks, Shoemake and five other law enforcement guests from around the state joined 34 OSBI agents to become students in the classroom once again, learning everything from advanced interrogation techniques to an in-depth look into arson and bombs. They even learned how to analyze blood spatter patterns at some of the most gruesome crime scenes.

"How to use what they say and what they do and to tell if they're being honest or deceptive with you to be able to find out if explosives were used or if it was a natural explosion or something like that,” said Lt. Shoemake. "If someone says self defense and the person was standing up, you can tell from the angle from the blood droplets the position the person was in at the time that was made. And you can either substantiate their claim or discredit their claim."

The course was taught by the best of the best, near and far. Lieutenant Shoemake says he wouldn't have expected anything less from the OSBI.

"OSBI is top notch, they always have been. They're synonymous with professionalism and always have been and their school was exactly the same," said Lt. Shoemake.

Now he hopes OSBI’s top notch reputation will be reflected at the Duncan Police Department.

"Not just investigators, but patrol officers or anybody else who wants it, even from another agency. If I can help them in any way to impart some of the knowledge I learned in the last six weeks I will," said Lt. Shoemake.

While Lieutenant Shoemake was the only law enforcement guest from southwest Oklahoma at the academy, former Lawton police officers Brenna Alvarez and Troy Morris also participated in the program as OSBI agents.


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