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Update on the Mesa Verde school fire

Amarillo, TX - Officials have arrested and charged two male juveniles with arson. In connection to the Mesa Verde school gym fire that happened two weeks ago. 

Police say the boys are 11 and 13 years old and have been booked at the Youth Center of High Plains. 

And officials say an arson charge is considered a state felony. 

One district attorney told us the procedure for juvenile felons is a longer proceeding that involves the possibility of spending time in a juvenile center along with the chance for probation. 

And any juvenile case will go through a long proceeding that will involve the parents and establishing their background. 

"They're looking at going to the, one of the juvenile centers in the state of Texas and now there's only 5 left in the state of Texas if that's what they wind up having done, but juveniles are handled a little differently than adults, they really probably, that's kind of the last resort for someone. They're going to try to make an effort to try to rehabilitate and probably put them on some type of probation," says Randall Sims, 47th District Attorney.

When juveniles are booked as felons their case is sealed to the public but can be opened again if they convict another felony as an adult. 

The district attorney also told us, more than 80% of juveniles come from single parent homes.

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