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Medicine Park Cardboard Regatta

MEDICINE PARK, Okla_ People in Medicine Park were beating the triple digit temperatures in the water Saturday afternoon on boats made out of cardboard.  

Doesn't sound too sturdy, but people took part in the first ever cardboard regatta.  

The boats were hand crafted with the cardboard, some plastic, duct tape, of course, and all of the boats had their own special flare.  

Pirates, life guards, and even ninja turtles made their way out to give cardboard boat construction a try.

"We did do some math to figure out how big of a pontoon to hold 5 people," Jeff Cashon said.

Cashon and the rest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including April O'Neal went all out when it came to planning their boat.

"We took a trip up to Edmond and watched a cardboard boat regatta up there and saw how people were doing designs.  We decided the two pontoons would be the best ones we could do," Cashon said.

Not only did they scout out designs but they even did a test drive before hand.

"We built version one put it in a pool and tried to float it.  It sank miserably about after 20 seconds. So this is version two hopefully it'll float to the bridge," Cashon said.

So how did version two go? Not so hot.

"Clearly the pirates were disguised as foot clan members and Shredder did something to the boat before it got in the water to make us capsize quickly," Cashon said.

Not all super hero themed boats ended up in the boat of the creek.  

Taking the show was the batboat.  Flying away from competition.

Even though the turtles in a half shell didn't take home the trophies they say it was all worth it.

The event was put on by Cobblestone Row and they will be donating all the proceeds to help feed those in need.  

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