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Snow cones all the craze in southwest Oklahoma

LAWTON, Okla._ Snow cones, shaved ice or whatever you prefer to call them, the summertime treat is especially popular in southwest Oklahoma.

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley has a favorite flavor he always goes to: "I'm going to get marshmallow and cherry," said Stradley. 

He say's he can't remember a time when there wasn't snow cones in the area.  They are perfect to cool down, especially after fighting crime, he says.

"I just went on a call on a burglary alarm a minute ago and there was a real long line, and when I came back through I thought I'll swing by and get one just to cool me down," said Stradley.

Devin McGarvey has been running this stand on 45th Street and Lee Blvd. for four years. He is from Wyoming and says snow cones weren't that big of a deal there.

"You know I may remember having one at a basketball game or something, just a real snow cone with crunchy ice, just a little bit of flavor on it, kind of crunch it up, but nothing like shaved ice," said McGarvey. 

Now, you can choose from so many different kinds of flavors from the normal to the weird.

With flavors like Dr. Who, Garfield, Little Mermaid, and Ninja Turtles, people are asking all of the time what's in those flavors. McGarvey says people love to ask that question and are always surprised by the combinations. He says the kids love it. 

"You got Barbie which is just kind of standard across the board but we have come up with several of them ourselves," said McGarvey

He says the trade secret for coming up with new favorites in the test lab is tasty, and actually quite simple.

"I sit down and think about the color of the character and just some good flavors that would go together what were that color," said McGarvey.

With Oklahoma's hot temperatures, there is no question why so many choose to come and cool themselves down with a snow cone.

"I'll tell you what, if you're hot, they are really good and refreshing," said Stradley.

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