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Salvation Army off to a cool start thanks to fan drives

LAWTON, Okla._What a difference a year makes when it comes to the Lawton Salvation Army's annual Summer Fan Drive.

This time last year, they had already run out, so they're grateful for the terrific response by the community. Officials said they've received more than 100 fans during this summer's drive. But even though things have cooled off this week, they're still anticipating many hot days ahead and hope people will keep bringing the fans in to avoid a repeat of last year.

Lieutenant Israel Roseno said just in the past week a local car dealer and a motorcycle club brought in what they had collected in their own fan drives. The dealership brought in about 30 fans and the motorcycle club brought in fifty.

The past few years have been pretty tough for the Salvation Army's yearly Summer Fan Drive. With the recent rainy weather, one would think that there hasn't been a high demand, but Lieutenant Israel Roseno says otherwise.

"Last year we received about 50 fans and they were gone by the middle of July. So this year we have more people donating, but also more people [are] coming in requesting the fans," said Lt. Roseno.

Roseno is glad that more citizens are learning about the fan drive and says for those who have the luxury of air conditioning every day, they may not think about how others feel.

"Sometimes they do have one of those wall units, the window units that sometimes just spread from one room and the rest of the home doesn't have any air conditioning," said Lt. Roseno.

Roseno says it may be overlooked at first, but it becomes clearer as to why he chose to help out in the first place. He says they wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the help from the Lawton community.

"There are resources that the community has made available through the Salvation Army and we're very thankful for those who have donated," said Lt. Roseno.

The Salvation Army will keep giving out fans until they run out. They are located at 1306 southwest 'E' Avenue. They are open between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


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