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Clovis dog found with chemical burns is doing much better

Clovis, NM - Clovis law enforcement are asking for help in gathering more information about a dog found suffering from chemical burns.

The dog's name is Clovis. He is two years old, but has already gone through so much. Gaye Cooke with the Clovis Humane Society says this is this is very concerning that something like this can happen in our community. Clovis was found near the Prince overpass in Clovis and the dog was suffering from unusual wounds. "He had pretty significant burns to the back of his neck, shoulders, some splash burn in his fur, and damage to his eyes," said Cooke.

Many animal rescue groups in the area have done all they can to help this pug. "We have some great animal rescues in Clovis," said Cooke. Cindy's Hope for Precious Paws Animal Rescue has asked people on Facebook for donations to transport Clovis to Denver for his surgeries. "They are collecting money for surgeries and ongoing treatment," said Cooke.

According to the Clovis Police Department, this is the second reported case of a dog with chemical burns in New Mexico this summer.

There are no leads on a suspect but a local attorney says whoever did do this could face serious charges. An Attorney at Law, Jennifer Burrill says there are two levels of crime in this situation. "It would be animal cruelty or extreme animal cruelty," said Burrill.

Animal cruelty being the misdemeanor and the extreme animal cruelty being, which is the maliciousness would be the felony. A misdemeanor offense is a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. In terms of the felony, it would be 18 months and a $5,000 fine.

Along with the Clovis police, the city's Animal Control and Crime Stoppers are involved with the investigation. But one thing making this investigation so difficult is that Clovis was found with no tags. "We're hoping somebody will step forward with information on what happen to this dog. Right now, it appears to be extreme animal cruelty," said Cooke.

Although the charges might be extreme, Clovis seems to be doing much better. "His wounds are starting to heal, so the outlook is very promising," said Cooke. As Clovis recovers in Denver, he has already received adoption request through the Colorado Pug Rescue.
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