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Lights will stay on in Marlow with new transformer

MARLOW, Okla._The city of Marlow will now have a more reliable source of electricity after installing a second transformer.

For years, one transformer has powered the city of Marlow. After a 2010 ice storm crippled the town, city officials decided they needed a second one and on Friday they got it. City officials said the addition of the second transformer will make the electricity in the city of Marlow more reliable.

The transformer was purchased two years ago, but city officials said preparing a location and working out the details took longer than expected. But they all agree it was well worth the wait.

In times of severe weather or even maintenance, the lights in Marlow would often go out. City Administrator Jason McPherson said safety and maintenance requirements occasionally force the city to shut off its power, causing a major headache with just one transformer.

"With one transformer we can't shut it down because you want your lights on, you want your TV working, you want your refrigerator cooling," explained McPherson.

He said by having two transformers, they don't have to worry about that. McPherson also said power issues should be a thing of the past. That has made Marlow citizens and business owners like Leah Green happy. She's lived in Marlow for most of her life, owns the Marlow Mercantile, and got used to the lights going in and out.

"There are several that are short power outages. We are just so use to that. I wouldn't even think to count them," said Green.

But McPherson said Green can now get used to relying on the city's electricity.

"To know that the lights are going to be on almost all of the time is a good feeling," said McPherson.

McPherson says the transformer's arrival is a result of a lot of hard work and community effort.

"It's taken a long time, a lot of planning, a lot of city staff, a lot of councilmen involved," said McPherson.

Marlow increased electricity rates last December in order to pay for the new transformer. McPherson said that unless you owned a business or just used a lot of electricity, you probably didn't notice. Households that use less than 1,000 kilowatts a month didn't see an increase.


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