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'Top Chef' star serves up meal to help Girls Scouts

LAWTON, Okla._ A select few had the honor of enjoying a decadent meal prepared by “Top Chef” star, Tiffany Derry, at a black-tie event Friday night benefiting the Girls Scouts.

The event, An Evening with Juliette Low, was held at the Hilton Garden Inn and raised more than $20,000 for scholarships.

“Girls need direction and they need leadership,” says Derry. “That's exactly what they do. To be aboard with someone who's doing that? Sign me up!”

She jumped at the chance to help the Girls Scouts achieve their goals, and she says as much as she loves to share her passion for food and the kitchen, she also hopes her success inspires young girls to chase after their dreams.

“I just believe that if you want something then you work for it,” says Derry. “My chef used to tell me ‘put your head down, and work,’ but I add to that, ‘never be afraid to look up!’ because you really need to determine what it is; set your goals."

Derry believe Girls Scouts empowers young girls to become empowered young women.

“It’s difficult in the industry because it is a male-dominated industry, and you just have to take advantage of that. You know that you're a woman! Women were supposed to cook; they were the first ones to cook. So, now, you just have fun with it and play off of it!"

Derry says she was lucky enough to realize her passion and purpose at a young age.

“I love food. I’ve loved it since they day I was born. I was born Dec. 26, and I was told that my mom gave birth to me because she ate so much. So, I came out of the womb loving food! I have a large family. My grandmother had 11 children. She was a single parent most of her life, so everybody learned to cook."

Derry’s meal took her 16 hours to prepare. It included smoked salmon, fried green tomatoes, crispy chicken and rice pilaf.

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