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Velma Fire Department gives back at Founders Day

VELMA, Okla_ The City of Velma celebrated their Founders Day Saturday.  

The small, Stephens County town kicked off the festivities in the morning with a parade. 

There was also a carnival and rodeo going on throughout the night.  

The large turnout even gave local firefighters the chance to give back to the community just in time for the start of the new school year.  

"We are filling a backpack.  It's everything they need to get started for the year," firefighter Justin Tugmon said.

Velma families were able to feel a little relief today as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

The Velma Fire Department collected donations to buy school supplies for around 200 children.

"The fire department always comes to help," Velma resident, Dawn Dennis said.

Dennis waited in line with her twin grandchildren,who are about to enter kindergarten.

"They are ecstatic, just ecstatic.  It's just awesome" Dennis said.

She says this giveaway will help her family, and others. 

"It's very helpful for myself, very helpful.  It's not just now a lot of the teachers buy it out of their pocket all year long and it'll help individuals," Dennis said.

Velma Firefighter, Justin Tugmon, organized the give-a-way and says he knew he'd see thankful people, but never expected one thing he did see.

"I had a woman awhile ago crying because she was so thankful for it.  She didn't know how she was going to afford to do it," Tugmon said.

It was a feeling that made the whole give-a-way hit home.

"It makes everything we went through to do this, it makes it worth it, every bit of it," Tugmon said.

As a volunteer fire department, Velma is the one used to receiving the donations instead of giving them, and Tugmon says it was a chance to give back to the community that gives so much to them.

"It means the world to us and we just thank our community for stepping up and helping each other.  It's just the least we can do to help them,"Tugmonn said


says this is exactly what Velma is, a community willing to help each other.

"Velma has always been very close-knit, and it's very helpful in any situation, not just for the school supplies, but if a family has a tragedy they come together," Dennis said.

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