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Lawton boy recovering from burns he suffered when doing the "Fire Challenge."

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton boy says he was dared to take part in what is now being called, "The fire challenge." It's a senseless game made popular by social media. Now, he is on the long road to recovery.

The challenge consists of putting body spray or alcohol on your skin and using it as the ignition to set yourself on fire, or in this case, allowing others to set you on fire.  

Devon Amason, of Lawton, was severely burned after his attempt at the game. After more than a month, he's still in pretty bad shape.

It was was a simple dare that quickly turned into a nightmare for this family. His mother, Tonya Amason, said it was a terrible situation.

"I was scared to death. I didn't know what was going to happen," said Tonya.

Devon says the flames were so hot that his skin started to peel away.

"All of my skin off my chest started to just flop off," said Devon.

When the fire was finally put out, it left Devon in unbearable pain

"There was all kind of burns and blisters popping up, like exploding. These blisters would explode, and go everywhere," said Devon.

Tonya was visiting her father when she found out her son had been caught on fire. She says when she got home, it was a grizzly sight.

"He was screaming in pain. You couldn't touch him, you can't hold him, there is nothing you could do, nothing anyone could do," said Tonya.

Devon was rushed to a local hospital, and from there, taken by helicopter to a hospital in Dallas. He spend 15 days there fighting off possible infections and fighting through the pain.With second and third degree burns covering most of his upper body, he hasn't been able to do much in the five weeks since the incident happened.  

"Can't go outside a lot. Can't get hot, can't get wet, can't get the open air to it, I mean he missed the entire summer from this dare," said Tonya.

Tonya says this should be a warning to all parents that dares and challenges like this one need to stop.

"They are just doing what everybody else is doing. It's the older people starting these things, then you're left with all the consequences," said Tonya.

Devon say's he learned his lesson.  

"Don't ever play with fire. Fire bad," said Devon.

Doctors say it could take more than two years for Devon to fully recover from his burns.  

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