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Senator Coburn holds farewell town hall meetings

LAWTON, Okla._Senator Tom Coburn has served the state of Oklahoma for 20 years, now he’s saying farewell to his southwest Oklahoma constituents.

He's holding a series of final town hall meetings throughout the state. After meeting with residents in Altus Tuesday morning, Coburn answered questions from Lawtonians in the afternoon at Cameron University about everything from national debt to undocumented minors at Fort Sill. Coburn announced his resignation from office last November, foregoing the final two years of his current U.S. senate term.

Senator Coburn didn't just come to town to hear from residents, he came with a sense of determination and a message. With each question asked to him, Coburn made no bones about his commitment to Oklahoma and what he expected from voters this fall as he leaves Washington.

"Fire everybody that's up there and never send another career politician to Washington. Send somebody with real world experience that has knowledge. That has gray hair, that's actually done something besides politics," stated Coburn.

In his final months as a U.S. senator, Dr. Coburn says he’s dedicated to continuing what he started in 1994 by letting the people of Oklahoma have their voice.

"I hear the same thing everywhere which is really kind of amazing given the diversity of Oklahoma. We're not all the same in Oklahoma, but we're Oklahomans. And there's kind of this strength of coming and being associated with one another," said Coburn.

In Tuesday's meeting, Coburn was very candid several times including talks of the undocumented children at Fort Sill.

"If you're not here on the basis of a real threat to your life, then you need to be sent back home. And that's the best message we can send," said Coburn.

Coburn will leave Washington behind, but says he'll never stop standing up for the Sooner State.

"It's been an absolute privilege in my life to represent the state of Oklahoma but that isn't enough. It's to represent the people of the state of Oklahoma," said Coburn. "I enjoy being among Oklahomans. I don't think it's any different than any other time. I'm going to continue to go until January 3, and then I go home. I go home to Muskogee."

Senator Coburn insists he's not stepping down because of his current battle with prostate cancer and that he isn't going anywhere. After his term is over, he says he'll continue to do work with creating a constitutional convention in efforts to limit the reach of the federal government.

After the meeting, Coburn traveled to Fort Sill to tour the facilities for the undocumented children that are set to close. He continues his farewell tour next week in Enid.


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