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Child nearly loses a foot in a boating accident

WICHITA FALLS, Texas_A Wichita Falls boy who nearly lost his foot when he was struck by a boat propeller is back at home.

On Sunday, 11-year-old Braden Kirkland was knee boarding at Lake Lawtonka when the wave from another boat speeding past knocked him off the board. The wave swept him into the propeller of his grandfather's boat. Once on the shore, he was flown to an Oklahoma City hospital to treat his injuries.

Before his surgery, a doctor told his family there was a good chance he could lose his foot. The best case scenario meant he would be in the hospital for a week and have two surgeries. He left Tuesday night after just the one surgery.

"They are saying that it is going to be better and I am going to still have my whole foot, and the doctor created a miracle," sad Braden.

Braden Kirkland has been home for a day and is still recovering.

"It's the worst pain I ever felt in my life. It sort of shocked me you know and it stung and felt like fire going up my leg," recalled Braden.

He was told he could lose his foot, and for a kid who loves playing baseball that was devastating.

"I was just thinking, ‘Am I ever going to be able to play baseball again? Am I ever going to the stuff I normally do’," said Braden.

He says he has a message for all boaters.

"Take safety precautions and stay away from other boats. To those riding by people, if there is somebody in the water…don't get 20 feet away from them or even closer because this could happen to them and they could lose their foot," said Braden.

He wants boaters to share the lake because before his accident they had two close calls with jet skiers and a different boat zooming closely by. He says the lake wasn't very busy that day and there was plenty of room for all. The incident did more than just damage his foot; it's made him fear getting in the water again.

"Maybe if the motor is off, but I'm not knee boarding again," said Braden.

Braden will have to go to OKC every week now to get his foot checked because of the risk for infection. Doctors tell him he will able to start rehabbing the foot in December.


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