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Fort Sill soldiers boost morale with Single Soldier Day

FORT SILL, Okla._More than 250 soldiers attended the 2014 BOSS Single Soldier Day at the Patriot Club on Fort Sill.

Created in 1989, BOSS, or Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, was designed to support the overall quality of life for single and unaccompanied soldiers. It also provides an avenue for soldiers to give recommendations to make their lives in the Army better. Friday's Single Soldier Day included activities like pool games, volleyball, and a live DJ

Imagine you’re a new soldier, away from home for the first time. BOSS provides opportunities for those soldiers -- to get out, do some fun activities, and make some friends.

Private 1st Class Jose Chavez of Tucson, Arizona, joined the Army eight months ago.

"I joined for a lot of reasons, the main one is to serve this country and I actually love it a lot. I love waking up every morning and just being in the Army," said Pfc Chavez.

He says being in the Army can be tough for soldiers, especially if you're new to the military. The BOSS program steps in to help those soldiers with whatever needs they may have.

BOSS leader, Specialist Dale Presly, says they do a lot more than just throw pool parties.

"Quality of life is the biggest issue. We take care of the soldiers when they have issues in the barracks, with their unit, or anything else we can take care off they come in and visit us and we take it to sergeant major," said Spc Presly.

Soldiers have responded well to the program. They said that without it, there wouldn't be as much to do and that it keeps them out of trouble. They are thankful that the Army continues the program and that their leaders encourage it.

"It means a lot because it shows that they are going to support us no matter what. So all the hard work that we put, they just don't repay us by paying us, but like doing events like this for us," said Pfc Chavez.

There are 74 BOSS programs Army-wide and they serve not only active duty soldiers but also reserve and National Guard soldiers. Single parents, geographical bachelors, and members of foreign services can also participate..

If you're a single soldier and need more information on the boss program, click here.


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