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Kids learn how to hip hop dance for free before school starts

Amarillo, TX -  Some area students had the chance to learn some dance moves from a Dallas choreographer, for free. 

The Amarillo College's Dance Theater, teamed up with the Hilltop Senior Citizens Association and provided the funding along with other sponsors for kids ages 8 and up to enjoy and experience the art of dancing. "It's a language, anybody can relate to it, you can see the movement and you can hear the music, so therefore, you have two elements that are brought together to make you understand what I'm feeling at that moment," says Anaz Cotton, Dallas Hip Hop Choreographer.

These kids are getting ready for the, "Back-To-School Dance Performance.""When I got here, it was pretty cool, like you know, the whole step was pretty cool to me," says Michael Reed, 12th grader.

And the Dallas choreographer says he wants the kids to use this opportunity as an escape and maybe even for some, therapy-- to get them hyped up before the new school year begins. "To be able to see that they are comfortable with moving, or even comfortable with trying to move, that's what it was more so about than anything," says Cotton.

"I danced and I learned a lot of new tricks, that I hadn't learned before and it was fun," says Emma Hall, 2nd grader.

The kids have one more rehearsal before their performance and afterwards, each child who participated will receive free school supplies. "You know it's kinda hard, going out and spending that money on top of things when it can be handed to you out of God's will, so I'm very thankful and grateful," says Julian Jones, 12th grader.

"Let the music move you and he's going to get the audience involved, so I think it's going to be a really fun night, and I think if you miss it, you'll regret it." says Clara Westmoreland, Executive Director of Hilltop Senior Citizens Association.

The performance is Saturday, August 9th at 6 p.m. at the Ordway Hall Auditorium.

Tickets are $5.

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