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70th Annual Watermelon Festival

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla_ It's that time of the year again, Watermelon Festival time in Rush Springs.
Folks from all over the state came to Rush Springs on Saturday for the 70th Annual Watermelon Festival.
Everyone enjoyed entertainment like the famous seed spitting contest.

"The trick is to keep those seeds warm.  Alright here we go!"

Kids, adults, and even politicians came out to give their best shot at spittin' seeds.

Sean baser was a first time watermelon festival visitor and gave the spittin' contest a try.

"I didn't practice at all I am an amateur," Baser said.

He didn't practice but he came out firing.

"I think it's all about leaning back and just pushing forward, curling the tongue and you're good to go," Baser said.

It's not all about the seed spitting, of course there's the delicious watermelon.

Folks formed a line to get some of the best Rush Springs watermelon by the slice.

Barbara Hall has been coming to the festival for years and mostly comes for the crafts, but she says the watermelon is the best around. 

"Oh it's nice juicy and refreshing," Hall said.

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