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Amateur radio club honors Civilian Conservation Corps

 WICHITA MOUNTAINS, Okla._Saturday, the Lawton-Ft. Sill Amateur Radio Club honored the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps with a special event in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.  Dozens flocked to find out about ham radios and  learn more about the CCC.

After the set up Saturday, they tried to make contacts with other amateur radio users. They succeeded in contacting more than twenty, with some even as far as central Mexico.

Club members say that ham radios are the only fail safe way to communicate, and that when cell phones, internet, or home phones go out, ham radios always work.

 Santos Rubio is the special events coordinator for the club. He said amateur radio and the history of the CCC are intertwined.

 "Part of the CCC, each one of the companies had a radio operator and since they didn't have telephones, or cell phones like we do today, in order to communicate with back home they used amateur radio, Morse code, and sent messages back and forth."

Operating an amateur radio requires a special license.  If you are interested in getting into  amateur radio or joining the local amateur radio club, you can visit the club's website,

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