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Amarillo Zoo enhancing educational opportunities

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo Zoo will be expanding educational programs to help the city conserve water and other resources.

They recently received a 12 thousand dollar grant from the Xcel Energy Foundation.This money will go towards a program they call "Conservation Initiative"

Mike Boley says in addition to the educational programs they already have, they will be able to offer various workshops and classes about conservation issues important in the panhandle."We will have workshops on xeriscaping gardening, butterfly and humming bird attractions. We are going to have workshops on just kind of a variety of things on how people can become good environmental citizens just in their own backyards" said Boley.

In addition to expanding the conservation initiative program, the grant will also allow the zoo to hold a number of events. "In November we are going to have an event called planting for the planet. At this event we will talk to young folks all about what the value of forest and trees. In addition to workshops for adults, their will be special events for families"

Boley says enhancing educational programs and teaching youth about conserving resources are vital to our area's future. "Young boys and girls they our are the future tomorrow, we want to instill in them that good environment knowledge, so as they grown up and become businessmen, teachers, or politicians, they have that sense of environmental stewardship"

In September they will have their first program on xeriscaping. This will teach residents techniques on how to reduce their water usage when landscaping and gardening.
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