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New gym approved for Comanche Elementary

COMANCHE, Okla._For nearly 20 years, the Comanche School District has been trying to find a way to build a gym for their elementary students. Now, it appears they're just months away from making it happen.

Comanche voters approved a $5.5 million bond issue in 2011 which included funding for an elementary school gym. There were several other projects in that bond which took priority, but Superintendent Terry Davidson says he's optimistic the gym will be finished by next spring.

The small town's school superintendent and staff has had to do most of the planning and designing themselves, which has caused a small delay. It was something that needed to be done no matter what so that the children can finally have room to play.

Imagine having to go to your physical education class in your elementary school's cafeteria, that's what some elementary students have had to do in Comanche for years.

As of now, maintenance has had to set it up for class and then take it down for lunch four days a week. That's all about to change now. The Comanche City Council approved the district's building permit Tuesday night, clearing the way for groundwork to begin.

"People from all over the school district have supported this effort," said Davidson.

The new gym will cost at least $560,000, it is the last major project in the bond proposal that voters approved back in 2011. The new gym will also include some very high-end P.E. equipment.

"They'll be able to do a lot more gymnastics programs, a lot of climbing," said Davidson.

The students also have what is called a virtual room, which just set up in a large classroom. In less than a year, all the equipment will be under one roof. That also means no more strenuous work for maintenance crews.

Davidson says construction will begin in the next six weeks.


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