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Producers: Meeting the deadline

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LAWTON, Okla._The producers at KSWO provide a substantial portion of what all of the viewers see, but not many people know what they actually do.

7news photographer Matt Shreve went behind the scenes to show you what it means to be a producer.

"I'm trying to tell a story as a producer that if I'm the public and I'm watching at home, it's going to catch my attention, it's going to make me say wow, I didn't know this," explained Assignment Editor Sharicka Brackens-Lockhart.

"We're looking for something that people are going to talk about, something that people are going to say, ‘Hey, did you see that'," said Erica Kenner, anchor.

"The big things, like this whole Iraq thing, the Gaza Strip thing, all that stuff that I feel that people should know about. So I look for stuff like that," said Alex Rosa-Figueroa, producer.

"Our job is basically to inform the public, to make the stories easy to understand," said Brackens-Lockhart. “We have a meeting. We sit down with the reporters, the assistant news director, to talk about story ideas for the day, local stories that we've collected from phone calls, from listening to the scanner, also stuff that we get in from ABC, CNN, and then we'll take those stories and decide what we're going to put on the news."

"I like to find things that are within our area," said Rosa-Figueroa.

"We really look for stories that are going to matter to people," said Kenner. "I write to get people away from what they're doing and over to the television to focus on the story, not just because I want them to see what we're talking about, but because I want them to get the entire story."

"Stories that are impactful, stories that inform, stories that could help...potentially help someone else," said Brackens-Lockhart.

"It's an all day process. I get here at ten in the morning and the show doesn't run until 5 o'clock," said Rosa-Figueroa.

"It can take hours to go through hundreds of stories every single day," said Brackens-Lockhart. "This right here, twenty five minutes and fifty seconds worth of news that we have to fill in our newscast."

"It takes a whole team of people to put a newscast together, but a lot of times you only see that reporter or that anchor, but behind the scenes there's a lot of people working to put the whole newscast together," said Brackens-Lockhart,

"We get so much of our news from Facebook tips or from people calling in, and that's wonderful. A couple of the things that we do look for is someone who - if it effects just you, or if it's a story that effects just you but could effect other people, we look for someone who is going to be able to talk on camera, someone who is willing to talk on camera," said Kenner.

"Can we back this story up, is it factual, is this going to help someone else, is it informative," said Brackens-Lockhart.

"If you're saying there's corruption in your town and you've got documents to back that up saying hey! Look how much I've uncovered already! Now i just need a reporter to really go in and ask those hard questions and figure out what's going on, but I have the facts to back up what I'm trying to tell you. That's someone that's very credible, that's a story that we're going to cover, and that's a story that we're going to go for," said Kenner.

"Watching a story that I've written play out on the news and watching someone else read something that I've the most amazing feeling in the world," said Brackens-Lockhart.

"It's very satisfying to see it all come together more or less flawless," said Rosa-Figueroa.

"It's exciting! It's exciting to have a really good, strong newscast that you know people are going to get informed by. I'm actually going to see something that matters to me, and matters to my community, and matters to my family," said Kenner.


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