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2nd Annual C.A.V.E. Bash

MARLOW, Okla_ A Marlow group came together to say no to bullying Saturday. Community against violent expressions, better known as C.A.V.E., had their 2nd Annual C.A.V.E. Bash at Red Bud Park in Marlow. It started with a toy run Saturday morning followed by events ranging from live music to a bike and car show at the park. "I was 300 lbs two years ago and I was bullied," Ann Sanchez, the founder of C.A.V.E., said.

Sanchez decided she was going to over come those who bullied her and help in the process.

"Instead of complaining and crying about the situation I'm going to make an appearance and help the situation," Sanchez said.

Last year was the first C.A.V.E. Bash and the turn out was more than they ever would have expected, and so Sanchez hopes to build off of what they accomplished.

"We've already, as you can see, doubled our toys this year already," Sanchez said.

The group collects toys from all the vendors and car show entries instead of fees.

They then turn around in December and donate the toys to needy families.

"We helped 26 families last year in the Marlow, Bray, Rush and Central area," Sanchez said.

C.A.V.E. wasn't the only group taking a stand against bullying Saturday.

"Everybody struggles with something and there is no reason to pick on them for it," Kyle Brandstatt, Oklahoma Nightmare football player, said.

The Oklahoma Nightmare, a semi-pro team that plays in Rush Springs, held a run, pass, and punt challenge, but before the challenge had the kids sign an anti-bullying pledge to show that even the most physical can say no to bullying.

"If you have something going on in your life that's hard reach out for help, don't try to take it on yourself if you can," Brandstatt said.

With already more than double the turn out from last year Sanchez believes they can help so much more, and she hopes everyone walks away with at least this one message.

"I hope they understand they can get along no matter what color, race, language you speak, if you walk with a limp or a stutter we are all humans and we all deserve to be treated with respect," Sanchez said.

Sanchez says they've already been donated a Santa costume to deliver the toys come Christmas.

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