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Cyril without water, fire department helps out

CYRIL, Okla._A broken water line has left the town of Cyril without water since Sunday afternoon.

Residents were first alerted Friday about the problem and were told to conserve as much as possible, but to be prepared for the water to go out. Once the tank went dry, Cyril Volunteer Fire Department stepped up to help by providing a water tanker for residents to use. They also handed out bottled water.

As of now, the water is slowly coming back on, but at a low pressure so residents have been advised to head out to the fire department. Starting at about 9:00 a.m., people made their way to the tanker to fill their buckets and jugs and take home a case of drinking water.

Gerard Dodson, volunteer fire chief and emergency manager, came up with the idea to use the water from their station's 9,000 gallon tanker.

"You can use it to flush your toilet with, to wash your hands with, take a sponge bath. I wouldn't recommend drinking this water. I have drinking water available. I'd rather you use the bottled water for human consumption," said Dodson.

Dodson was informed of the water leak on Friday and knew he immediately needed to let residents know.

"I put it up on the Cyril Fire Department Facebook page. We also tagged it up on Caddo County E-911 and Caddo County emergency management. If they needed drinking water, if they needed non-potable water, to come down here at 9 o' clock today," said Dodson.

He also notified the county's emergency manager and district commissioner. Last night a few of the volunteer firemen headed out to Anadarko to load up on bottled water to pass out this morning. So far, they've given away at least 91 cases and are expecting to send out more.

"It's just something that I've grown to appreciate. I enjoy being able to help the citizens. If we didn't do it, who would," said Dodson.

Dodson says although they're only using one tank, he doesn't anticipate running out.

"We can go to the communities of Cement and Apache and resupply this tanker, as well as bring the other one in if needed," said Dodson.

Dodson says a few volunteer firemen will still be hanging out around the department this evening to hand out water to residents.


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