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Trial begins for Duncan doctor accused in shooting

DUNCAN, Okla._Opening statements were underway Tuesday in the trial of a Duncan doctor accused of shooting his estranged wife's boyfriend last summer.

Dr. Oscar Morales has been charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon after a shooting last August. Police said Morales shot the victim in the leg after they got into an argument. The shooting reportedly happened while Morales was dropping his kids off at their mother's home.

Morales' defense isn't denying that he shot Rachel Morales' boyfriend, Kelly McKinnon, in the upper leg last August. They said the two men got in an altercation that night and Morales wasn't just scared for his life, but also for the well-being of his three children.

Nearly one year to the day since the shooting, the state opened up proceedings by taking the jury back to last August when Morales dropped his children off at his estranged wife's home. They described a physical fight, sparked by verbal threats, which ultimately led to Morales shooting Kelly McKinnon, his wife's boyfriend.

But the defense painted a different picture for jurors in their opening statements, saying Morales had a very serious heart condition after suffering from a heart attack two years prior. During his rehabilitation, the defense says doctors made Morales and his wife aware to Morales' delicate condition. The defense also said that after the two separated, Morales' wife and her boyfriend became aware of his $10 million life insurance policy and knew what could happen to him if he overexerted himself.

The state then argued this was a simple case of a man who lost control, but Morales' defense said their client was a man who simply stood his ground and followed Oklahoma law.

The defense also gave jurors a preview of what's to come in the next few days saying photos of injuries, audio tapes and evidence would all be brought into the courtroom. If convicted, Morales could face up to life in prison.

Trial proceedings are expected to resume at the Stephens County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m.


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