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Lawton dentist remembered by staff after plane crash

LAWTON, Okla._The Lawton community is mourning the loss of a local dentist and pilot.

Lawrence Brewer died last Saturday when his plane crashed in Ardmore near Lake Murray. He was described as a loving, kind-hearted dentist who wouldn't turn anyone away. Now, as his co-workers clean his office, they remember a man that was loved by so many.

The assistants took down his plaques in the waiting room and locked his office door. Today, call after call came into the office from patients who were more concerned about the loss of Dr. Brewer than they were about their appointments.

"We'll be here. I'm not sure what's going to happen right now. But, when we find out, we will let the patients know," said Marianne Cooper, office manager.

This was just one of more than 100 calls Cooper has had to answer as she lets patients know beloved dentist Lawrence Brewer is no longer here. Most of the phone calls have been more personable as patients ask what to do with out him as opposed to asking who they should now use as a dentist.

The only things Dr. Brewer loved more than airplanes were his family and his patients. As he got older, he didn't fly as much, but last Saturday he would do what he loved as he took off in his plane one last time.

Cooper says she couldn't believe the man who gave her her first job out of dentistry school is now gone.

"It was just a friend of mine that called and said she was sorry about my boss...and I was like, 'What in the world are you talking about?'," said Cooper.

Brewer was the type of dentist who truly cared about his patients. If a patient was going through hard times and couldn't make a payment, he would always have a witty, but comforting reply.

"If you didn't have insurance, he was willing to help you. There were times where he would say, ‘We're all here on this earth together and if you can't afford to pay then this is on the house',” said Kim Ketchum, dental assistant.

"If they only had the money to get one tooth removed and there were 2 side by side hurting, he would say, ‘You are so lucky, it's our 2-for-1 special day'," said Cooper.

They haven't decided if they will add another dentist or what will happen with the practice, but Cooper says it's going to be hard moving forward.

"He would've wanted us to recover. He wouldn't have wanted us to mourn forever like we feel like we want to right now," said Cooper.

For now, other dentists in the area have pitched in to take his appointments. Dr. Brewer's funeral services are open to patients and colleagues. They will be held at Lawton First Assembly at 10:00 a.m. this Saturday.


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