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Man tries burning down RV with dad inside

STEPHENS COUNTY, Okla_ A Stephens County man is behind bars after the sheriff says he tried burning down his RV with his father inside.

The Sheriff Deputies were called out to the RV just south of the fairgrounds around 8 Tuesday night.

Sheriff Wayne McKinney says Bobby Bohannan and his dad were in argument and soon after Bohannan started a fire inside the RV.

McKinney said the victim is just fine but since he is deaf he is lucky he was able to get out.

Both the father and his son, the suspect are deaf, because of that McKinney says had he not made it out himself even with emergency responders there to rescue him he may have not made it out since he would have been unable to hear or communicate with them.

"Could have been extremely serious. He didn't know anything was going on until he smelt it because of his hearing impairment," McKinney said.

When deputies arrived both the victim and Bohannan were on site, but what normally would have been an open and shut case took additional time, patience, and resources.

"We had to get someone that was qualified or competent enough in sign language to help us last night," McKinney said.

McKinney says after they found someone to communicate with both men, Bohannan told investigators he set the fire after him and his father argued over religion.

"This started out as an argument. It would be the same thing as if I used some kind of a weapon in an argument with an individual, get mad enough to cut one or shoot someone in an argument, but he used fire,” McKinney said.

Even worse McKinney said this isn't the first time Bohannan has been connected to an arson.

Court documents show just last year Bohannan pled guilty to first degree arson in another county.

Bohannan has not been officially charged by the district attorney. The office said it looks like his arraignment will be Thursday.

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