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Day two of the trial for a Duncan doctor accused in shooting

DUNCAN, Okla._Testimony was heard from the victim on Wednesday,  in day two of a Stephens County trial involving a doctor accused of shooting his ex-wife's boyfriend last summer.

McKinnon testified the night of the shooting, when Morales came to the house, he was is a bad mood, and that his hostility quickly escalated and ended with     Morales shooting him in the leg. 

The victim was the only person to take the stand on Wednesday. Doctor Morales' defense said they aren't denying that he shot McKinnon, but that he did so fearing for his life.  The prosecution, on the other hand, does not believe that to be true.

McKinnon testified that around eight the night of the shooting, Morales was upset from the second he arrived. He said the children had some toys, and that he has told them before that they should leave the toys their dad got them at his house.

This was a point of contention for the defense, as they alluded that foul language could have been used by McKinnon.  McKinnon said the kids walked into the house through the door in the garage. 

As the prosecution continued, McKinnon said Morales continued his hostility, asking McKinnon something like, "So, you think you are the man of the house now?"

The defense made claims that Morales never said those words.  Both agree that Morales was in his car leaving, when McKinnon went out side and motioned for him to stop.

 McKinnon said he wanted to talk to Morales, about prior court proceeds following the divorce to his wife.  Mckinnon said he both of his hands in his pocket as he approached Morales, the defense questioned McKinnon relentlessly if he knew of an aneurysm Morales had, and if he knew about an heart attack.

They also question if he knew Morales had a ten million dollar life insurance policy, and that half of it would go to his girlfriend, Rachel.  McKintestifiedifed that Rachel came out, and that he told her to go inside, as as doing so was hit in the back of the head by Morales.

 He said he stumbled and regain his footing by his car, that's when he saw Morales there. He said he couldn't tell if he was holding a gun, but then he heard a shot and that he fell onto the ground.

The defense is sticking with their argument that Morales was acting in self defense. The defense spoke that there was more than just words, and that a physical altercation between the two .  

The trial is set to continue on Thursday at 9 A.M. at the Stephens County Courthouse.

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