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Bankston loses attorney in Rushing case

LAWTON, Okla._One of the young teens involved in a double homicide of Uwe and Stefan Rushing back in January is now without an attorney.

Wesley Bankston, the youngest of the five defendants in the case, was scheduled to appear in court Thursday for his preliminary hearing. But in a turn of events, he is now without his attorney Ken Sue Doerful. In open court, Doerful made a motion to withdraw from the case. Her client, charged with conspiracy to commit murder, signed the approval.

Doerful made a motion for Bankston to be certified as a child in case in May, that still has not been decided. Bankston's involvement in the crime included picking up a co-defendant from the on victim's home the night of the murder and taking collecting and destroying evidence.

1/31/2014 Fifth teen charged in Rushing murders


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