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Lawton grandmother worries for grandchildren in Ferguson

LAWTON, Okla._While the nation watches the violence unfold in Ferguson, Missouri; one Lawton woman has family who is experiencing the terror firsthand.

Nellie Chony is a Missouri native who fears for her family's safety. Two of her grandchildren, Benjamin and Jeremy, live only blocks away from the violent protests, and now as the situation gets worse, the family is searching for a plan of action.

"It's hard, it hurts, I'm hardly sleeping, I have a hard time with it," said Chony.

Chony has called Lawton home since the 1990's, but her family's roots are firmly planted in Florissant and Ferguson, two suburbs on the outskirts of St. Louis.

"We didn't have any problem with Ferguson. Used to be a quiet sleepy could walk the streets no problem. Not now," said Chony.

Now Chony's family sits at the epicenter of violence that's taken the nation by storm.

"I try to talk to them at least once a day...all the rioting, the break-ins, the stealing of the stores. I'm worried about them, even though the National Guard's there," said Chony.

But what perhaps is the most frustrating for this grandmother is knowing that Benjamin and Jeremy can't leave for the time being.

"That's where they work, they can make pretty good money there. They work at a pizza place there. I pray for them...pray for their protection. They're very scared of it escalating more," said Chony.

She says she'll continue to monitor the news and pray. She says she'll pray not only for her family, but for the entire city as well.

"I just want it to stop. Everybody go home. Leave each other alone. Just put it in God's hands and leave it alone. Leave it alone, we're all the same color," said Chony.

Chony says her grandchildren do have immediate family a few miles away in another suburb. She says they will more than likely seek refuge there in the event that the violence continues to escalate.

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