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Comanche County looks at possible burn ban

LAWTON, Okla._The lack of rain in Comanche County, combined with the recent stretch of 100 degree days, means residents could soon be faced with a burn ban.

The latest drought survey shows part of the county is now in the worst drought stage, which is 'exceptional', while the rest of the county is rated as severe or extreme. With no significant rain in the immediate forecast, many local fire chiefs have said they are in favor of a burn ban.

Comanche County's interim emergency management director says 6 of the 19 area fire chiefs are already in favor of the burn ban. They'll need the approval of at least 10 to present the proposal to the county commissioners for them to take action.

Chloe Lewis, interim Comanche County emergency manager, says if we don't receive at least half an inch of rain within the next three days to relieve the drought, a burn ban could be issued.

"I suspect the fire chiefs are really behind this one," said Lewis.

It will be a big change for residents, especially for those who want to have controlled burns on their property.

"If they have to have it, they really need to call their local fire chief and also dispatch. Sometimes the fire department will actually go out there and stand by while they're doing it," explained Lewis.

Lewis says it will be on the September 2 agenda for the county commissioners to consider. Lewis says with Labor Day right around the corner, residents will also have to comply with the way they barbeque.

"No campfires, or in-the-pit grilling. Only barbeque if it is a container that sits up off the ground," explained Lewis.

The burn ban will last for up to 30 days. If conditions continue, they could renew it for another 30 days.


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