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MacArthur High stolen trailer found

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton Public Schools says MacArthur's stolen trailer has recovered in Cotton County. 

The school district says the trailer was found early this morning on a farm just west of Walters.

Yesterday, police were able to return the high school's band equipment after it was found in Burkburnett, Texas.

At this hour, the district says the people responsible for the crime are in custody.


New developments as Lawton Police confirm that the stolen MacArthur High School band instruments have been found.

Police say they received a call saying the instruments were found in a homeowner's front lawn in Burkburnett, Texas, some 40 miles away. They appear to have been dumped. Officers were able to return all $90,000-worth of equipment back to the high school Saturday evening, however, the trailer that carried them is still missing.

Police are still searching for those responsible for the crime.

8/22/14:Surveillance cameras at the Hop N' Sack at southeast 45th Street and Gore Boulevard picked up on the trailer and a white SUV heading southbound on southeast 45th Street. The SUV appears to have a luggage rack attached on top.

Lawton Public Schools police says the video's time stamp was taken at 12:36 a.m. Thursday. They believe the crime happened just minutes before in the MacArthur Middle School parking lot.

If you recognize the vehicle or have any information involving the crime, call Crime Stoppers at the 580-355-INFO (4636) or LPS police at 580-591-1925.

8/21/2014 Band trailer and instruments stolen

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