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Trial continues for Duncan doctor

DUNCAN, Okla._The state rested its case Monday in the trial of Duncan doctor, Oscar Morales.

Dr. Morales is accused of shooting his estranged wife's boyfriend, Kelly McKinnon, in the leg last August. Now Morales' defense team has taken over, claiming that Morales shot McKinnon in self-defense, saying that he feared for both his life and his children's lives.

During the state's case, jurors heard from the victim, Kelly McKinnon, as well as Morales' estranged wife and his 12-year-old daughter, who watched the shooting from a window. Monday, cross-examination finished with Duncan police and the ER doctor who treated McKinnon the night of the shooting.

Nearly every witness that's been brought to the stand by the state has been heavily cross-examined by Garvin Issacs, Morales' attorney. The Duncan Regional Hospital's emergency room physician who treated McKinnon for his gunshot wound was on the stand for the majority of the afternoon. He confirmed that medical records noted that McKinnon not only had a gunshot wound to the leg, but also an apparent injury to the head after supposedly being punched by Morales. The physician told the defense team he did not find any physical evidence of any injury outside of the gunshot. He said that McKinnon's medical records were amended to reflect that he was told about the secondary injury.

After a brief recess, the public was removed from the courtroom as Morales' seven-year-old daughter was questioned about what she saw the night of the shooting. After the state rested late in the afternoon, Morales' team didn't waste any time getting their case underway. Their plan was to start with jail footage of Morales that occurred days after the shooting.

At last check, it was unclear whether Morales' lawyers were able to get the viewing of that video going for jurors or if it will be played in the morning. With a life sentence on the line for Morales, the defense team appears to be more than ready for jurors. They have 70 witnesses on their docket and they plan to call every single one of them.

Testimony will resume Tuesday morning at 9:00 at the Stephens County Courthouse.


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