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Police arrest suspected high school band trailer thief

LAWTON, Okla._Investigators revealed new details Monday on how they tracked down the suspect accused of stealing a trailer containing thousands of dollars worth of MacArthur High School's band instruments.

Lawton police spent part of the day dusting MacArthur High School's band trailer for fingerprints. The trailer was found Sunday in a field near Walters, just one day after the band instruments were discovered in Burkburnett, Texas. The suspected thief was arrested after a routine traffic stop by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol early Saturday morning near Burkburnett.

Early Saturday morning, an OHP Trooper made a traffic stop on I-44 near Burkburnett, which soon became everything Lawton Public Schools police were looking for.

"We're relieved. And of course, in this kind of a case, time is important," said Lawton Public Schools Police Chief John Whittington.

Once OHP pulled the man over, they soon arrested him for DUI and possession of paraphernalia. OHP then made the call to Chief Whittington saying that they found a car that fit the description of the surveillance footage.

As of now, the suspect is still being investigated. Whittington says most things have come together pretty fast, but couldn't have done it without the extra help. Deputies from Wichita County, OHP, and the Cotton County Sheriff's Department all had a hand in the case.

Lawton police investigators are also looking for fingerprints on the trailer and will be obtaining statements soon. Whittington says the important part is that the students will be able to perform again.

"Football season is about to start. And I know the band director personally and he was greatly relieved that they didn't have to go out and shop for new instruments and a new trailer," said Chief Whittington.

Lawton police have said that the suspect involved in the band trailer theft might also be involved in the theft of a Lawton daycare back in June as well as a few others.


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