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Freshman now have more freedom building their high school schedules

Amarillo, TX - Texas high school freshman now have more freedom in choosing what kind of classes they want to focus on.

Members of the Class of 2018 are the first to transfer over to "House Bill 5" which is a new law obligating students to graduate with endorsements-- which are similar to a major in college. Last year state legislators removed the "four-by-four" system that required four credits each in math, science, social studies and English

"We needed to be able to allow options for our students, we needed them to have choice, we needed them to have a say and flexibility and so they are allowing our students to do that," says Tracey Morman, Director of Guidance and Counseling.

Now, while freshmen must still have four credits in each of the four core subjects, they can choose one endorsement class which comes in arts and humanities, business and industry, public services, "stem" or multi disciplinary studies. AISD says their faculty and staff will start introducing students in the 7th grade to endorsement options but if they still do not know what they want to do when they become a freshman Morman says, that's OK too. "How many of us went to college and did not know what we wanted to do, that's what we talk to them about their freshman year, we've tried to gear our courses so it pretty much fit into any area, any endorsement area."

And the Amarillo School District says they hope their students graduate with skills that can benefit them after high school. "They are able to have job skills, they get soft skills that employers are looking for and some of them it just helps them figure out what they do and don't want to do," says Morman.

Sophomores and Juniors have the option to switch over to 
"House Bill 5" and have an endorsement.
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