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"Turn the Tide" prayer event held in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla._Hundreds of people in Duncan gathered together Wednesday morning for the second annual “Turn the Tide” event at schools throughout the city.

One by one they gathered in front of the flag pole at Duncan Middle School Wednesday morning. Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads in prayer.

"Maybe they do not have a father at home but they have a father in heaven," said Pastor Melvin Sanders in a prayer.

Pastor Sandy Stewart, “Turn the Tide” creator, says the event started with a vision she had last summer following the murder of Australian native, Christopher Lane. It was put on her heart to have a morning of prayer outside every school in the city.

"There's a lot of uncertainty in our young people, in our world altogether and prayer is just something that I think is our greatest weapon against uncertainty. Against the things that we have no control over," said Stewart.

Stewart says her goal was to see the community come together. It's something other pastors and community leaders were happy to help her achieve. Mayor Gene Brown says in the year since the shooting, the community has learned many lessons.

"We've realized that we need to be more involved in doing things with our young people. We need to be there for them," said Mayor Brown.

"Maybe at home, they may not be getting everything they want or may not be getting all the encouragement that they need but we have a father in heaven that lets us know that he loves us," said Sanders.

Pastor Gabriel Amaya says as the community continues to recover from the tragedies of the previous year, prayer is something that's needed every day.

"It's something you do on Sundays or something you do once a year. It's something we have to stay focused on daily. When we put God at the center of every aspect of our lives, that is when God blesses us," said Amaya.

As the students returned to their classrooms Wednesday morning, former educator Mary Brown said she hopes they take away an important lesson from today's event.

"Somebody is thinking of them and they take the time to come out early in the morning to say a prayer for them,” said Brown.


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