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Fort Sill goes through annual disaster exercise

FORT SILL, Okla._Fort Sill held its annual Disaster Preparedness Exercise Wednesday on post.

This year's scenario was a fuel tanker that had been blown up by an unknown organization, resulting in casualties and destruction to surrounding buildings. Fort Sill and Lawton fire departments worked to control the scene and treated the wounded. Ambulances took casualties to Southwestern Medical Center and Reynolds Army Community Hospital. More than 25 soldiers played the part of the injured, waiting to be taken to safety.

Emergency responders treated causalities suffering multiple wounds including burns, multiple lacerations, and severed limbs. The emergency responders were training for the real thing during Fort Sill's exercise.

Officials said a situation like this would be rare on Fort Sill, but it's still something they have to be ready for.

"We don't always get to see this as far as real world, that's why we train extensively to prepare ourselves. Anything that is a high risk incident, such as this one, we have got to continually train," explained Fort Sill Fire Chief Clint Langford.

They are trained to control the fire, get people to safety, and treat the wounded. These responders had no idea what they would face once they got on scene.

"All of these things that we can do to give the responder, to test their skills and to make sure that what we have taught them in the past, they can actually produce in a real world emergency," said Chief Langford.

While emergency crews worked to control the situation, Fort Sill's command is working to get past the confusion of what's happening on scene. Lieutenant Colonel Rory Crooks said they worked to make sure the rest of post is safe and that it stays that way.

"Getting accountability of where our folks are at, are they safe, have they been notified to stay clear," said Lt. Col. Crooks.

Lt. Col. Crooks says not only does this test Fort Sill, it also shows they can respond quickly and efficiently when needed.

"I think if you show you're competent in how you react to these things, it does have a deterrent affect. There is an intended purpose in doing these things to show that if you decide you are going to try and disrupt us in this way, we will be on it, and will respond as needed," said Lt. Col. Crooks.

For this scenario, Fort Sill went to their highest state of alert, Threatcon Delta, which hasn't been seen on Fort Sill since 9/11.


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