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"One Ring" Scam still victimizing people and their cell phone bills

Amarillo, TX - Scam artists are using your instinct to return a phone call to take your money.

NewsChannel 10 first told you about the "One Ring" Scam in February...but it keeps popping up.

We've all been through it, seeing a phone number that you don't recognize, but now something like this could be a scam.

Janna Kiehl with The Better Business Bureau says this scam doesn't try and scam any particular person, just anyone who will fall for it. Scammers call your cell phone, let it ring once and then disconnect, giving you a missed call. "You're curious who it is, so you want to call back and find out," said Kiehl.

When you call back, you get charged international fees, even though the number appears to be domestic.

"Three digit area codes are of course throughout the us but they are also international," said Kiehl.

Victims who return the call are billed a $19.95 international call fee, along with up to $9 a minute. Some of the area codes to look out for are 473, 809, 284. The BBB says these area codes come from the Caribbean Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

We reached out to some of the cell phone providers who say there are ways to avoid becoming a victim in this scam. Other than not calling the phone number back, Sprint and AT&T say they have services to block international calls.

"They can add it back in for you if you are going to take a trip out of the country and they can put that back on your bill temporarily," said Kiehl. In addition,the BBB says you can Google the area code to find out where the call is coming from. "It comes and goes, but it never goes away," said Kiehl.

If you are a victim of the "One Ring" scam, it is best to call the BBB along with your cell phone provider.
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