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Family members testify on Morales' behalf

DUNCAN, Okla._The family of the Duncan doctor charged with assault with a deadly weapon took the stand Wednesday in his defense.

Oscar Morales is on trial for shooting and wounding his ex-wife's boyfriend during a confrontation outside her home. Morales' mother and brothers were some of the 70 witnesses on the docket.

Wednesday's testimony was more personal and emotional for Morales as his mother spoke about him needing protection from the ex-wife's boyfriend.

The jury listened as Morales' mother started crying during her testimony as she recalled conversations she'd had with him. Morales' brothers, who've both served in law enforcement, kept their composure as they defended him. The brothers claimed Morales would do whatever he had to for his children.

Morales' mother testified today that she had warned him to change the insurance policy. She knew that it included a "huge amount of money" and didn't want the ex-wife, Rachel Morales, and her boyfriend, Kelly McKinnon, to get to it.

She also said that Morales should get a gun and license, too. She wanted Morales to be able to protect himself and the children from the boyfriend.

She also testified that she worried about the safety of her grandchildren. She said when they would visit her, they would often complain about going back to their mother's house because the boyfriend was mean.

By this point she started crying and had to pause for a moment. Dr. Morales was also wiping tears from his eyes. When she left the stand, she patted him on the back and told him that she loved him.

The trial will continue Thursday morning with more witnesses from the 70-witness list.


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