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Duncan doctor acquitted of assault and battery

Duncan,OK_ A Stephens County jury acquitted Dr. Oscar Morales Friday on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The jury deliberated just over six hours before reaching their decision. Throughout his trial, Morales admitted to shooting his ex-wife's boyfriend, Kelly McKinnon, in front of her home in August of last year, moments after he went there to drop off their children.
He claimed he shot McKinnon in self-defense when he was confronted and feared for his life.

The state painted Morales as a hothead and said he shot the victim out of malice. Following the verdict, Morales thanked his family and friends for standing by him through the trial, and said his faith in God helped him stay strong.  He also had harsh words for the prosecution.

"I think that the DA's office did an absolutely horrible unjust thing by charging me. They didn't bother to look at the facts. They didn't bother to even search it any, and when we had the facts, they tried to twist them, and make it look like I was guilty when I was not."

Each side delivered closing arguments Friday morning, before the jury took the case at 1pm.   After a couple of hours, they asked to review some video evidence.   A little before 7pm, Judge Emmit Tayloe called jurors out of deliberation to see if they thought they would be able to reach a verdict, before sending them back.
They emerged less than an hour later with the "not guilty" verdict.

The jury foreman, Steven Arter, said the panel was not necessarily swayed by any particular piece of evidence that pointed toward self-defense, but rather a lack of convincing evidence proving the state's case. 

"In the end, it finally came down to the fact that we felt members of the jury were doing a better job with the prosecution than the prosecutors did.  We didn't feel the prosecution met the burden of proof, required by law."

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