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Amarillo woman facing a murder charge

Amarillo, TX - A Potter County Grand Jury indicted 65-year-old Janice Sicard for killing 56-year-old Joseph Hamel. 

Many neighbors at North View Mobile Home Park say Hamel's death shocked their small community. 

Neighbor Meagan Gough says she stopped what she was doing when she heard the shooting. 

It was about 9:30 at night on May 12th when deputies with the Potter County Sheriff's Office arrived at Unit 29 in North Amarillo. 

Neighbor, Tim Lancaster says he woke up to a bunch of lights and sirens. 

"No one really knew what was going on at all," said Lancaster. 

Deputies found the dead body of Hamel who appeared to have a gun shot would to his upper body. 

"I knew Joe, he was a really good friend of mine," said Gough. 

Sicard was taken into custody. 

"Almost everybody had come out by the time it was all over," said Lancaster. 

Neighbors in the area continue to question what happened to this seemingly normal couple. 

"It's strange because it just came out of the blue. They usually got along very well as far as I understood," said Lancaster. 

And it raised many concerns within this small community. Due to these concerns, neighbors say the mood of the park has changed. 

"After that happened, we actually talk now," said Lancaster. 

He adds that they all watch over each other's belongings and keep an eye on everybody.

"Its brought us closer in the community," said Lancaster.

Which has made things more comfortable for residents at North View.

"All the neighbors I know are pretty cool here," said Lancaster. 

According to The Potter County Detention Center, Sicard is still in jail and her bond is set for $100,000. 

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