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Duncan firefighters stay vigilant on Labor Day

DUNCAN, Okla._Fire departments all over southwest Oklahoma are remaining on call this holiday weekend to keep close watch on dry conditions and holiday festivities.

Labor Day is synonymous with spending time with friends and family or even spending time at home, but for many, it's a work day. For those keeping our communities safe, it's just another day on the job.

"We don't really think about stuff like that, we just do our job," said Cody Fish, a Duncan firefighter.

Working holidays all year long is the norm for the guys at the Duncan Fire Department.

"It seems like you get Christmas and all the holidays one year, and you'll go a few years without getting any holidays...it just all comes with time," said Clay McCary, a Duncan firefighter.

Despite the hot temperatures and high winds, Labor Day has been a slow one in town. But in between chores or just hanging out, these city guys are always on standby just in case.

"We do help the volunteer service. They do more of the wild land fires, and that's what you see when it gets busy this time of year when it gets dry," explained Duncan firefighter G.T. Austin.

But that doesn't mean it's all work all the time for Station 1.

"Once we get our stuff done, we cooked breakfast today, probably go out for dinner. Just hang out at the station while we're at it," said Cody Fish, a Duncan firefighter.

Those are just small rewards for a crew that says serving the city of Duncan is well worth "laboring" on Labor Day.

"Everybody enjoys fighting fires, but I just like being able to serve the people and help and do whatever I need to," said McCary.

"Just the fact that I'm here to save lives makes me feel good. I can sleep at night knowing that I helped someone else have a good day," said Austin.


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