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CVS yanks all tobacco products from stores

CVS Caremark is pulling all tobacco products from its stores nationwide today -- a move they hope with inspire other pharmacy chains to do the same.

CVS first announced the strategy to pull cigarettes from their stores by October 1, saying that selling cigarettes in CVS stores conflicts with the company's overall healthcare mission. CVS will also announce a corporate name change to CVS Health.

In an interview with the NY Times, chief executive of CVS Health Larry J. Merlo said that the rebranding of the corporation was important as more consumers flock to retail pharmacy locations.

"We're at the forefront of what we all see as a changing health care landscape," Merlo says. "Cigarettes have no place in an environment where health care is being delivered."

With over 7,700 locations, CVS is the second-largest chain pharmacy behind Walgreens.

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