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E-cigarettes may be affecting pets

Amarillo, TX - Talk of E-cigarettes being bad for your health has been around for a awhile, but now local veterinarians say the e-cigs could even pose a threat to your pet's health.

The Pet Poison Help Line says they have seen a sharp up tick in calls concerning cases of nicotine poisoning in pets. They say pets are ingesting the e-cigs or the refill solution. They say over the past 6 months their phone calls concerning vapes have more than doubled.

A local veterinarian at Noah's Ark Pet Hospital, Dr. Merten Pearson, says e-cigs should be treated just like regular cigarettes when it comes to your pets health.

"Frankly they are quite toxic it is easy if you drop them for your pet to pick it up before you realize it and get it in their mouth and it is absorbed very quickly. That can intoxicate your pet and possibly lose it," said Pearson.

However, a local vape shop owner, Tiffany Lanier, says e-cigarettes are a much safer than cigarettes. "Cigarettes are combustible, and the tar is really bad for you. That is what is damaging to your health. Nicotine on its own without the combustion ... it is just a stimulant just like caffeine is," said Lainer.

Dr. Pearson says if you are going to use e-cigarettes it is best to use them outside and away from your pets and to make sure you keep your e-cigarette and the refill where your animals can't find them.
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